About our school:

Season Treasure, Inc. is a licensed home-based Montessori program located in Jupiter Farms, Florida. The school is situated on a 1.25 acre wooded lot with a great variety of wildlife. The classroom, known in Montessori as the Prepared Environment, is spacious and inviting. The shelves are stocked with Montessori’s carefully designed materials that were created to meet the developmental needs and sensitive periods of children ages three through five years old. The setting offers a teacher/child ratio of 1:6 and thus offers greater individualized attention.

About our teacher:

"What I love about the Montessori Method is that it satisfies a child's natural curiosity and desire to understand the world around them. The child is not "forced" to learn. The Montessori Method moves at the pace of the child. When the child has mastered a skill, he or she is introduced to the next skill level. All the lessons and activities in the classroom are beautifully presented and well organized. The materials are all hands-on and can be manipulated by the child for in-depth discovery and education. The Montessori curriculum extends far beyond the studies of traditional preschool. Aside from mathematics and language, the children in a Montessori classroom will also study botany, zoology, and geography through age appropriate discussions and lessons." - Sara White

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